When Should Your Family Consider Hospice Care?

Hospice services are an integral part of today’s nursing industry. Through these services, elderly individuals are able to live out their last days in comfort and amongst their loved ones. Always Best Care of the Midlands provides senior care in Richland and Lexington counties, including Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, and surrounding areas. The home care givers who work for this organization understand that deciding to call in hospice services can be a difficult task; however, professional care givers know that hospice provides invaluable services to families whose elderly loved ones are facing the end of life.

The mission of hospice is not to provide medical treatment. This organization provides the medical assistance necessary to help patients remain comfortable during their final days. Such services include personal hygiene and managing pain, among others.

Calling in hospice is often a doctor’s decision; however, you may find yourself having to make this choice.

When to use hospice:

  • Your elderly loved one’s physician estimates that they have six months or less to live
  • Doctors have exhausted all available treatments and your elderly loved one’s condition has not improved
  • Your elderly loved one has decided to forgo further medical testing
  • Your elderly loved one has declined to take any more medication or try any new therapies or treatments
  • Your elderly loved one has indicated that they are ready to move on and your family accepts this decision
  • The health condition your elderly loved one faces is beyond the reach of current medical treatments and therapies

Several hospice organizations may be available to your family. For this reason, it is important that you consult with professional care givers and choose the hospice service that best represents your family’s goals, values, and wishes. Remember that your family will rely upon hospice care givers for information regarding your elderly loved one’s health—as well as an understanding of when it is time to say goodbye. For this reason, it is crucial that you hire a hospice service that you trust and that you know holds your elderly loved one, and your family, as a top priority.

How can we help?

The professional senior care givers at Always Best Care of the Midlands (http://seniorcarecolumbia.com) know that calling in hospice is a difficult hospicedecision to make. By understanding the role of hospice, and how valuable its services can be to your elderly loved one, you may find better peace with your decision. For help with choosing a hospice care service, and all other senior services, please contact Nate Rhodes at (803)403-1895

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