Three Tremendous Facts about the Science of Singing for Seniors

Music is a powerful force in the world, and it’s something that can work wonders for the health and vitality of those among our aging population. These days, people have serious concerns about the ability of seniors to live rich, full lives without suffering the effects of psychological and neurological disorders. People are living longer, but not everyone is enjoying life in their later years, and diseases like Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) are taking a toll on families here in Columbia and elsewhere. Music could actually be the answer people are looking for!

Studies have shown the effectiveness of music when treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia recently. Patients who have experienced certain kinds of exposure to music have shown an ability to better remember past events and special memories. Music seems to enliven connections in the brain through emotions, stimulating neurons and pathways in exciting ways. Doctors, scientists and researchers are eager to continue exploring the amazing ways in which music can help in the fight against dementia.

Singing and Elder Care Columbia SC

When music therapists expose dementia patients to meaningful music, good things seem to happen. But now there’s research that strongly suggests a link between performing music and neurological improvement.

Singing feels good for most people, but for seniors who suffer from Dementia, it can actually be a real lifeline!

Science, Singing and Seniors

Recently a study has shown that singing plays a huge role when it comes to fighting the effects of a number of disorders of the brain. Researchers discovered that music stimulates areas of the brain that deal with emotional wellness. The study, which received publication in ‘Music Perception,’ a well-regarded journal, also noted that singing could help seniors with expression and communication — regular singing practice was found to improve projection, enunciation and many other factors.

Are you curious to know more about what music can do for a senior under in-home care Columbia, SC? Here are three awesome facts:

Fact #1 — Singing Contributes to a Better Quality of Life

Every single participant in the study reported higher levels of wellbeing, confidence and overall quality of life after sessions spent singing.

Fact #2 — Seniors Come Together Through Singing

When people get older — whether they suffer from dementia or not — they often lose the crucial social connections that they’ve cultivated in their lives. But when singing is done as a part of assisted living Columbia SC or in other group settings, it creates connections and bonds that enrich senior lives.

Fact #3 — Singing Does the Senior Body Good

In addition to helping aging brains, singing has also been shown to improve eyesight, breathing and posture among elderly individuals. Researchers from George Washington University in Washington D.C. also found that it could reduce hospital visits for seniors.

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