The Crossings of Columbia Grand Opening

After six months and over sixty residents later, on Thursday September 17, 2015 from 4:00-7:00, the Crossings of Columbia was able to celebrate all the heart and hard work they have put into making their community great. The Crossings team was finally able to celebrate the official Grand Opening with the help of their exceptional team and many wonderful community members that volunteered. Hundreds gathered in celebration to congratulate the staff members who have worked so diligently to build a beautiful community making this oh so special. My specific duties as a volunteer while at the Grand Opening were to greet the guests and provide them with information on what would be occurring at the Crossings that evening. The joy in that was being able to see everyone’s reaction to how welcomed and happy they were about the events taking place.

From Benedict College’s marching band’s energetic performance, AC Floras ROTC, musical selections on the guitar and piano, to an assortment of lavish foods and desserts in the dining hall; the residents, families, community and staff members were able to enjoy an afternoon full of perpetually delightful activity. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the staff even provided tours of the facility for potential future interested residents to have the opportunity to see what they would be accommodated with if they were to come and join this exceptional community. Overall, I only heard compliments and delight in how well put together everything at the event was and how friendly the staff presented themselves. As a farewell, each attendee was even given a Tervis type insulated mug with The Crossings logo and information on them. One can only expect great things from this Assisted Living and Memory Care community called The Crossings at Columbia in the future.


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For those seniors who can not safely stay at home, we provide a service that is free to seniors and their families. We call it a Senior Living Finder service because we help them find a community that is best for their budget, care needs, social needs and the part of town they want to live in.
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