Sleep: Why do Senior Care Professionals Think it is so Important?

Restful, restorative sleep is important at every age; however, senior care professionals have found that elderly individuals benefit greatly from the impact that sleep has on their bodies. A full night’s sleep allows your body to recuperate and recharge for the rigors of the next day. Without it, you may start to feel groggy, unfocused, and even irritable.

Senior care professionals know that the benefits that sleep provides are especially important for elderly individuals because they coincide with many of the effects of aging. Senior care professionals understand that a great sleep routine is key in helping seniors remain healthy and happy.

Sleep Benefits Senior Care Professionals Have Noticed:

Repairing the Body

When you sleep, your body creates protein molecules that assist in fighting infection and maintaining a healthy body. These proteins bolster the immune system and repair cells that have been damaged throughout the day.

Keeping the Heart Healthy

By limiting inflammation and stress, a great night’s sleep assists in preventing heart disease and stroke. Additionally, a healthy sleep routine can ward off high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Reducing Stress

Stress hormones are decreased during sleep, which assists in relaxing your body and your mind. Senior care professionals understand the importance of limiting stress, which can cause a variety of physical and emotional side effects.

Improving Memory

While you sleep, your brain uses the down time to organize memories. Senior care professionals know how important this is for seniors, as memory loss is a common side effect of aging.

Managing Weight

The body produces hormones that contribute to appetite and weight—and can also assist in weight gain or loss. Senior care professionals realize that a proper amount of sleep helps regulate these hormones and make weight management a simpler task.

Reduction in Risk of Diabetes

When you do not sleep enough, your body begins to process glucose in a way that can result in type 2 diabetes.

Better Mood

Agitation, moodiness, depression, and anxiety can all be connected to a lack of sleep. Additionally, senior care professionals have noticed these moods are experienced by seniors who suffer from memory loss. With the right amount of sleep, elderly individuals can improve these moods.

Senior Care Professionals Encourage a Great Night’s Sleep

Senior care professionals are certain that a great night’s sleep is a wonderful weapon against this long list of health concerns. With a healthy sleep schedule, your elderly loved one can ward off a variety of health conditions while remaining well rested and ready to take on the day.

Seeking Help or Advice About Senior Care for Your Loved One?

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