Sheronda Hanna – Caregiver of the Month

We are so proud to announce Sheronda Hanna as Caregiver of the Month for Always Best Care. Sheronda represents everything we value in a Caregiver. She is honest, professional, comforting, thorough, and trusted. Sheronda’s clients have all expressed high levels of satisfaction in the care she delivers to senior loved ones.

Sheronda also has a strong desire to learn more about her role as trusted caregiver. In her we have seen a passion for learning new content and she seeks out new information and feedback from others with enthusiasm. In fact, despite having a very busy schedule, Sheronda took it upon herself to renew her Certified Nurse’s Aide license, which had lapsed a few years ago. She recently passed her exams and earned her CNA license again.


One thing we appreciate in Sheronda is her willingness to work extra assignments when we are in need. She is always cheerful about helping out because she knows that she matters to her clients. Sheronda is a big part of the reason why Always Best Care enjoys its reputation for excellent service. She is a role model for all.

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