Seniors and Fitness — Debunking the Myths

Some people assume that as individuals age, they lose their ability to stay physically active and fit. Sure, there are some outliers out there who participate in 5K races and dance classes well into their 80s, but those are rare physical specimens, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that exercise and physical fitness should be top priorities for anyone, regardless of age. Thankfully, living here in The Midlands provides people with plenty of opportunities to stay fit comfortably, making it a wonderful place for seniors to enjoy life into their “golden years.” Still, many myths about seniors and exercise remain, and they stand in the way of providing the best senior care Columbia, SC has to offer!

Following is a rundown of some of the more pervasive myths about seniors and physical fitness.

Myth #1 — Exercise Puts Seniors at Risk for Injury

This one is cited by numerous seniors who might otherwise remain active into the latter stages of their lives. The problem isn’t exercise; it’s the type of exercise that is performed. The key is to match seniors with the right types of exercise and fitness activities so that they can remain as active as possible without risking injury.

Some appropriate exercise activities for seniors include:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Water aerobics
  • Specialized senior fitness classes
  • Tai Chi

Myth #2 — Aches and Pains Make it Impossible to Exercise

Although dealing with the increased likelihood of aches and pains in one’s senior years can make it seem like exercise might be harmful, the right types of exercise (see above) can actually reduce the body’s aches and pains!

Obviously, some high-intensity exercise activities (running, rock climbing, heavy weight lifting) should not be attempted by older individuals with prominent pains in their bodies. But if seniors find low-impact workouts that raise their heart rates, they can improve their fitness while avoiding further injury or pain.

Myth #3 — Disabled Seniors Can’t Exercise

What if your senior loved one is wheelchair bound? Does that mean that they can’t take part in physical fitness activities? Of course not!

Older individuals with disabilities can receive the same exact benefits from exercise that others experience. It just requires a plan of action that takes into account the realities of their lives and their physical abilities.

For example, if an individual must remain chair bound, there are plenty of exercise activities that are appropriate and make use of muscles throughout the body. Additionally, specialized water-based exercise routines and classes give seniors opportunities to stay fit and move their bodies, regardless of their specific physical abilities.

More Info on Seniors and Exercise

At Always Best Care, we specialize in enhancing senior lives so they can remain as active and independent as possible. That includes helping them find the right types of exercise and physical activity without risking injury. If you’re interested in helping your Columbia, SC senior stay fit, we invite you to give us a call today at (847) 241-8374 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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