Senior Care and Music: Connecting the Past and Present

As both entertainment and therapy, music is an exceedingly powerful resource in senior care. This power lies in the fact that music not only showcases awe-inspiring talent, it recalls memories and emotions. People tend to associate events in their lives with music that was prevalent when the events took place. Think about it: A song that you danced to with your date at your senior prom can recall all the excitement and happiness of that night. Always Best Care of the Midlands, who provide senior care in Richland and Lexington counties, including Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, and surrounding areas of South Carolina, knows that this same association occurs with a variety of events. From a fun family vacation to the loss of a loved one, music is often present at every turn and can recreate emotions related to those events.

How Music Improves Senior Care

This is why many senior care professionals have found music to be helpful in creating a safe, comforting environment. In fact, it can also help elderly individuals recall seemingly lost memories and regain a sense of how the past has shaped their lives. As such, music can create positive connections between the past and the present.

Here are some of the ways music can bridge gaps in history and restore a sense of calm in senior care:

  • Elderly individuals can listen to certain songs and artists in an effort to remember their past. These songs not only help conjure memories, they recall the emotions that these memories created. As a result, music can spark a more realistic recollection of an event when used in senior care.
  • Seniors who experience memory loss may use music to recall certain memories or retain a sense of connection with their past. While music may not bring forth specific memories in all cases, it can create a sense of nostalgia that surrounds the general time period so it is often used in senior care.
  • Elderly individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease may feel out of place or confused because they do not remember where they are or how they got there. By listening to music from eras that they do remember, these individuals may feel more secure and comfortable in senior care settings.

Senior Care, Music and Dementia

Music is a powerful force that can be used in senior care to help ease the distress that is felt by seniors with memory loss. Additionally, it anchors individuals in their past, allowing them to reconnect with the emotions and events of eras that have come and gone.

The senior care professionals at Always Best Care of the Midlands ( know that the right music can help your elderly loved one remember and enjoy their personal history. Furthermore, we know that music can be used in senior care and we encourage our care givers to create a comfortable and secure environment for seniors who could benefit from music therapy to reconnect to the past or to create a sense of calm. Nate Rhodes is the Owner of Always Best Care of the Midlands. He can be reached at (803) 403-1895 and via email to [email protected]. Visit us on Facebook at Call us today or visit our website at for more information on senior care in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.