Recognizing Great Caregivers

At Always Best Care, we are fortunate to have dedicated caregivers who care about our clients and care about each other. Our team cares about our clients and they share our passion for excellent service. Recently, four of our caregivers had an opportunity to prove it.

One of our caregivers received devastating news from her doctor. She was diagnosed with cancer and got the terrible news just an hour before her shift was supposed to start. She was upset to get the news, and she called to say she could not work that night since she was emotionally distraught. We were sorry to hear her news and of course relieved her from work.

As it turned out, the shift she was assigned to work required detailed training, and only a limited number of caregivers have received the training to work that shift. That evening, all of the substitutes who might step in were assigned to other shifts. We contacted them on short notice and rearranged everyone’s schedule, and everyone volunteered to help out and accept new assignments to cover for the reassignments. It wasn’t convenient for any of them, but it showed dedication and commitment. We offer special thanks to Ashley Holland, Amanda Shorter, Mary Honeycutt, and April Posley for jumping in and helping at a critical time.

Always Best Care is fortunate to have great people who share our passion for excellent care for our seniors. We offer our thanks for our wonderful caregivers who demonstrated their commitment when it was needed. To find out more, call us at (803) 403 1895 or go to

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