Rains have subsided… now for recovery. Thank you!

We haven’t had rain in the Midlands now in 3 days and the sun is shining again. But the damage left behind will take months or possibly years to clean up. Roads have washed out completely in places, dams have broken and even the Canal is damage.

There had been estimates that today, Thursday Oct 8, would be the worst day of all from the water feeding the streams from the upstate, but the news is reporting receding waters. Engineers are out and assessing the damages and how to do the repairs needed. Our first responders throughout the Midlands demonstrated unbelievable dedication, perseverance and patience throughout the storm.

Flood Damage to Polo Road, Columbia, SC
This flood water damage to Polo Road is but one of many major routes are now impassable making it hard for caregivers to get to our in home care clients.

Update on our In Home Care Clients and Caregivers

At Always Best Care, we are thankful that we can report that our caregivers and clients suffered minimal damage from the storms even though roads and dams all around them were swept away. We are still struggling to help route caregivers to our clients around roads that are impassable.

“Great big thank you to the Always Best Care staff and caregivers!”

I am so proud of our team, especially Yolanda Scott, who worked tirelessly on the phone finding coverage for critical clients when some of our caregivers were unable to leave their homes. Hunter Burdette stopped marketing and sat making phone calls to clients just to make sure they were safe. We only had one current client that was in danger and had to be evacuated to safety. Many of our caregivers braved dangerous situations to care for clients. Thank you to our entire team for a job well done!


Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers as the Midlands recovers from this disaster. Pray for those who lost loved ones. We will continue to work to make sure our clients are well cared for and safe.

We believe there may be seniors out there who didn’t need help before the storm, but may now need help with tasks such as getting to the grocery store or doctor’s appointments. There may even be seniors who need to find a new or safer home. If you or someone you love needs help, please call (803) 403-1895 and ask for your free consultation.

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