Preventing Falls for Seniors At Home with Grab Bars

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the most common cause for injury for seniors over the age of 65. Every 17 seconds, an older American is treated in a hospital for fall-related injuries. The agency predicts that Americans will spend nearly $55 billion to treat fall-related injuries each year by 2020.

Obviously, seniors need to avoid falls if they are to live longer and have a good quality of life. Fortunately, preventing falls is easy, and steps include regular exercise, proper medicine regimen, and making home improvements to provide more stability. Adding grab bars is an excellent way to prevent falls and make a senior’s home safer.

Grab Bar Standards

The US Government created standards for grab bars with the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) back in 1990. Guidelines call for bars to be 1¼ to 1½ inches in diameter, and must stand off from the wall at least 1½ inches. Grab bars must be able to withstand 500 pounds of force if applied up, down, or away from the wall. The idea is to ensure that all grab bars should be properly installed and safe enough to hold up most seniors needing additional stability.

Grab bar manufacturers provide installation instructions which state that the installer must drive the mounting hardware into wall stubs which are located behind wallboard or tile in bathroom enclosures. The problem is that studs may not be located near where grab bars need to be installed. Professional installers have special hardware that is designed to withstand the weight requirements if installed in a location where studs cannot be reached. This permits homeowners to place the bars where they can be most useful to avoid falls. This special hardware also improves aesthetics because the bars can be installed where they appear they belong, not where a wall stud is located.

Choose a Professional

Always Best Care has been installing grab bars for nearly three years, and we’ve seen every kind of installation you can imagine. We can install grab bars in toilet rooms, shower stalls, or any place where stability is required. Installation on tile walls is no problem – we use special ceramic drill bits which make clean holes in tile with no cracking or chipping. Our work is guaranteed, our rates are affordable, and the quality will impress you. We’ll even provide references so you can hear what our customers have to say about our grab bar installations.

Don’t wait until your senior lived one falls – call Always Best Care today and find out how to prevent falls with a sturdy, attractive grab bar in your home. Call (803) 403-1895, or visit us at for more information.