Pray for SC Flood Victims

This past weekend, the state of South Carolina experienced significant amounts of rain that lead to extreme flooding in surrounding areas causing quite an upheaval. This life-threatening natural disaster was something our state has not experienced in well over a century. There have been 267 roads and 134 bridges closed due to damages and flooding, dams breached and/or broken and at least 17,000 people who have registered for disaster aid for their homes or businesses. It has been absolutely devastating to watch so many homes be destroyed across the state. Unfortunately, the worst part is that there have been at least seventeen lives taken because of this horrific event; and our sincerest condolences go out to those families.

This traumatic event has not stopped Always Best Care from doing whatever it takes to make sure our clients and caregivers were safe and taken care of. Our staff has worked diligently to keep in contact with each client and thankfully the majority was not severely affected by the flooding. Several did not have family and/or friends looking out for them to ensure they each were safe and had food and water. With so many roads being out of commission during the flood, we made it our priority to get to the clients with the most care needs, rescheduling those who cancelled for safety reason. Since the flood, the roads have made it difficult for travel but we have been able to make sure all of our clients were rescheduled and taken care of for the rest of the week. In situations such as these, working together is the best attribute we can use to insure client and caregiver safety. With the sun back out and the devotion and unity of our community we hope to see our beautiful state rebuild to its former glory.

Always Best Care can Help provide senior care in the home

Always Best Care provides excellent in home care by assisting with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers, feeding or ambulation, as well as, laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping and other errands or chores that can help seniors stay safe at home when they want to and are able to age in place. In addition we can provide sitter type service, companion care, or personal care in senior’s homes, in independent living or assisted living communities, in nursing homes and even in hospitals. Call Hunter Burdette at (803) 403-1895 if you know someone who needs dependable in home care from caregivers and an agency they can trust. Hunter will arrange a Free consultation for you or your loved one to discuss your care needs and come up with a customized care plan to meet your needs.

Always Best Care can Help find the best Senior community for those who can’t stay home

For those seniors who can not safely stay at home, we provide a service that is free to seniors and their families. We call it a Senior Living Finder service because we help them find a community that is best for their budget, care needs, social needs and what part of town they want to live in.
If you know someone who needs to start looking for an independent living retirement community or assisted living community OR needs to find one right away, call Tyler West at (803) 667-4400. Tyler will be glad to meet with you at your home, or even at the hospital or rehab facility where your loved one may be receiving care, to discuss your loved ones care needs, budget and other preferences. He can also discuss their needs over the phone if that is better for you and can help you find the best community to meet the needs of you or your loved one.

Tyler and Hunter both look forward to hearing from you.

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