Planning for the Future: Understanding Funeral Arrangements and Cost.

Senior care professionals know that making funeral arrangements and planning for the costs associated with a service, cremation, or burial can make the grieving process a bit easier for beloved family members.In Lexington, South Carolina, Brian and his family have discussed funeral arrangements with Charlotte, Brian’s grandmother. Although Charlotte did not want to dwell on the subject of death, she knew that planning for it would help her family through a difficult time. Charlotte’s family was relieved when she told them that she had already made her funeral arrangements, and she was happy to perform this service for her loved ones.When planning for a funeral, and making cost arrangements, elderly individuals and their families must consider several factors.

Here are some of the things you and your family may consider when making funeral arrangements:

What is the budget?

Will your elderly loved one be leaving a spouse behind? If so, how will that spouse remain financially secure?

Would your elderly loved one prefer a burial or a cremation? Once this is decided, the coffin or urn should be picked out.

Some individuals prefer money to be donated to a charity in lieu of flowers. Would your elderly loved one like this? If so, which charity would they like to support?

Where does your elderly loved one want their service held and what kind of service do they want? Do they want particular prayers or hymns incorporated into the program? Who would they like to speak?

By planning these details before her passing, Charlotte has given her family a gift that they will cherish. She has shown her family that she loves them enough to plan ahead, and to spare them the emotional pain of making these decisions without her.Certified Senior Advisors can help when making funeral arrangements.

How we can help:

At Always Best Care of the Midlands (, we understand that the complexities of funeral arrangements can be difficult. Nate Rhodes, the owner of Always Best Care is a Certified Senior Advisor and can help you choose a funeral director who can help when you are making funeral arrangements for a loved one. For help with funeral arrangements or any other senior service please contact Nate Rhodes at (803) 403-1895.


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