Move it, Move it

Not only was the University of South Carolina’s Move it, Move it exercise presentation entertaining but it was also extremely educational. From fun dance moves and techniques of exercise training to fighting stress with tai chi, the class was filled with masses of resources that can help seniors excel while aging. We started with a warm up dancing to the Whip and Nae Nae. The seniors at the Crossings absolutely loved this and if any of you have ever heard this song, you know what a hilariously enjoyable dance this is. Crossing's Move it, Move it Event

From there we discussed the four exercise techniques to a healthy way of aging. The first exercise is to incorporate aerobic training into one’s daily routine. This may include any activity that involves movements that raise heart rate and increases breathing, such as walking. The second training exercise involves resistance or strength training, which is movements that use muscles such as the triceps, biceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, oblique’s, etc. and include using some type of weight or resistance band. Typically a person chooses about eight exercises that target those muscle groups with repetitions of twelve to fifteen. Once the muscles are all warmed up its time to stretch the muscles out and work on flexibility. When one is doing heavy aerobic and resistance training it is important to remember that stretching exercises can help the body stay limber and flexible for more freedom of movement. Examples of this that the seniors did with USC’s staff was, turning the neck slowly from side to side, turning back side to side, pointing foot/rolling ankles, and raising arms in and out. Lastly, the fourth element to exercise training is balance. Balance is one of the most important safety concerns for seniors. This will help with the prevention of falls which can be a big problem among this population. Doing any of these four types of exercise activities can promote increased cognitive thinking, decrease some types of health problems, and strengthen the body to allow for improved ambulation.

To finish the evening exercise lessons, we were taught how to use tai chi as a stress and anxiety reducing tool. Not only can it prevent these things but it also helps with two of the types of exercises used to promote health, flexibility and balance. This type of martial arts is primarily slow focused movements with deep breathing patterns to calm one’s body and mind. This type of stress reducing exercise can also help with other health conditions. Lastly, after a little boogying with the seniors, the night came to an end. We all left full of knowledge and enjoyment from our exercise lessons and dancing only to take home each of these practices.

The Crossings at Columbia is a new assisted and memory care living environment for seniors. This coming Thursday, September 17, 2015 the Crossing will be holding their official Grand Opening and want you to know that you’re invited. It will be full of food, beverages, music and fun so bring your family and friends to come out for a wonderful event in honor of this new community and its seniors. To RSVP call (803) 233-9560 and let them know you will be in attendance. Hope to see everyone there and remember it is never too late to get in shape!

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