Medical Emergencies and Senior Care: How Can Your Family Prepare?

Preparing for a medical emergency is an important aspect of well thought out senior care. Your elderly loved one may very well need emergency services at some point, and your preparation for such an emergency can prove integral in getting them the assistance they need in a timely fashion. This is particularly important if your senior suffers from health conditions. For this reason, senior care professionals recommend that families create emergency medical plans.

Why is an Emergency Medical Plan Important to Senior Care?

Emergency medical plans will allow family members to act quickly and with purpose when an emergency occurs. Naturally, emergency situations are stressful and senior care professionals realize that such a situation makes it extremely difficult for you to think through the necessary actions; however, your senior needs your family to be able to quickly and accurately follow through with the steps of your emergency plan in order to provide the best senior care.

Suggestions from Senior Care Professionals for Dealing with Emergencies

Here are a few suggestions to help your family prepare for medical emergencies:

  1. Create an emergency medical kit that contains supplies that may be useful. For example, senior care professionals would suggest that you include insulin if your loved one has diabetes or an epi-pen if they have severe allergies.
  2. With the emergency kit, include instructions for using each item. You may even consider writing these instructions on index cards and taping them to each supply so that they are easily found.
  3. Write out a step by step instruction manual for responding to a medical emergency. These instructions will vary based upon your senior’s medical needs, but senior care professionals stress that calling 911 should always be at the top of the list. Additionally, include family contact numbers for after the paramedics arrive.
  4. Keep the emergency supply kit, instructions, and step by step plan in a convenient location. Senior care professionals suggest that you show it to all family members, even children, and teach younger kids how to dial 911 in case of emergency.
  5. Periodically refresh family members’ memory about the emergency kit and switch out older supplies for newer ones.

Our Senior Care Professionals can Help You Prepare for a Medical Emergency

Senior care professionals suggest that maintaining a medical emergency kit is a great way to keep your family prepared for such an event. Educate your family members about how to detect a medical emergency and how to quickly respond to the situation. Senior care professionals know that this level of preparation can make a world of difference to your elderly loved one.

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