Interview with Kesha Hayes, Owner of Professional Development and Training Services, providing training for in home care and other settings

Caregivers need training to provide in home care or to work in assisted living communities or medical settings such as nursing homes and hospitals. Kesha Hayes saw a need for training and set her mind to filling that need.

Kesha Hayes owner of PDTS providing caregiver training for in home care or care in communities and hospitals
Ms. Kesha Hayes, MHA, MA, LPN, CRCFA
Owner/Program Director of PDTS, LLC

My partner, Hunter Burdette, and I drove from downtown Columbia to the peaceful setting of downtown Camden on Wednesday August 26th to sit down and talk to Kesha Hayes, a nurse who now owns and operates Professional Development and Training Services (PDTS) which trains caregivers to provide in home care or care in assisted living or medical settings. Ms. Hayes’ mission is to go above and beyond the statewide mandatory curriculum by helping them understand real life applications and lessons about how to handle caregiver situations rather than just the clinical requirements of being a caregiver. As a former caregiver providing in home care herself, Ms. Hayes rose from CNA to LPN and also served as an Administrator at an Assisted Living Community. She has plenty of experience from both the care giving side as well running a community to interject lessons from her personal experience into her classes, so that the caregivers she trains are prepared to excel at providing in home care or care in a facility after they pass the CNA exam and begin or continue their careers as caregivers.

We asked Ms. Hayes why she picked Camden instead of a location closer to the Columbia area. She said she chose Camden is because it is her hometown and she wanted her business to be based where she grew up. She sees becoming a caregiver as a way for people to take control of their lives. It’s a way for some people to remove themselves from bad situations by working hard to create their own success. In fact, Ms. Hayes herself has not stopped improving and educating herself and is in the process of moving ahead from LPN to RN.

Photo of PDTS Training Lab to train caregivers to deliver in home careIn the short time since Ms. Hayes’ company opened for business she has already held a class in July and a second class in August. Her office includes a classroom setting in one room as well as a separate simulation lab, equipped with a hospital bed, wheelchair, mannequin, scale, portable toilet and other items you might find in a hospital, assisted living or skilled nursing facility patient room. This gives the prospective caregivers time to get acquainted with and comfortable with the equipment of the hospitals and facilities which many of them will be working in, but on a manageable scale without being thrown headfirst in to a chaotic hospital setting. In addition, this is the sort of equipment that may be used in home care settings as well.

Ms. Hayes has the experience to back up the knowledge she is imparts on her students. She wants to prepare her students to become not only exceptional caregivers, but exceptional people. By imparting a trade on her students they will have the ability to get ahead in life and move ahead in their lives on a personal as well as professional level.

Always Best Care partners with PDTS to offer training incentives for caregivers as part of our initiative to always keep improving the quality of our In Home Care!

We applaud Ms. Hayes for her initiative and entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, as part of Always Best Care of the Midlands educational initiative, we are partnering with Ms. Hayes to offer discounts to any of our employees who want to seek additional training and certification. Always Best Care of the Midlands offers services to seniors who wish to age in place in their home or independent living community by providing caregivers and nursing assistants to care for them and offer assistance with activities of daily living. Many, but not all ABC caregivers are already CNA’s, but those who are not and who wish to become certified may receive a substantial discount on the cost of the training through our partnership with PDTS. In addition, Ms. Hayes and Always Best Care will also be offering free family caregiver training classes in the Always Best Care local training lab in Columbia, SC. We deliver excellent in home care and are always looking to hire excellent caregivers trained by PDTS or other high quality organizations.

For more information or to register for classes, go to If you are looking for excellent in home care or help finding a place for a loved one, call us at (803) 403-1895.

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