How do we help Discharge Planners?

Improving Patient Discharges with Comprehensive Services

If you are a discharge planner at a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility, our focus is on coordinating with your discharging patients to provide in-home care OR placement in the best Assisted Living community for their needs and resources.

What makes us different and how it benefits you?

Our in-home care is much more than a sitter service. Naturally we assist with all ADLs and IADLs, but we also do so much more. Some examples:

  • We make sure the patient eating guidelines are followed
  • We work with the PT and OT to make sure that the patient performs the therapy that is prescribed to them
  • We contact family members when appropriate to advise on the patients’ progress
  • We assist getting patients to doctors
  • We provide medication reminders and make sure refills are called in and picked up
  • We escalate to families when it seems necessary

However, we understand that in-home care isn’t always the best option, and that’s why we offer both in-home care and placement in assisted living communities. This allows us to look out for the best interest of your patients. We do comprehensive Care Assessments which allow us to objectively look at the needs and the resources of each individual and make appropriate recommendations.

Furthermore, we have a huge network of professionals in related industries, such as experts in reverse mortgages, transportation, house cleaning, moving, and many others so that we can help the clients however they may need help.

Another way that we help is that many clients require modifications to allow them to stay at home safely. We offer grab bar and ramp installations because these are often critical to preventing falls that so often send patients back to the hospital. We’re committed to preventing re-admissions with our compassionate, comprehensive care coordination.

If you would like more information about how we can help your patients, please contact our Director of Client Services, Charlene Richardson at 803-403-1895, or email her at [email protected]. Get more information on our website at

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