Having Difficult Conversations with Parents

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen – you need to convince one of your parents that they shouldn’t drive anymore. You have put it off, and now you are concerned. You know there will be resistance, and you’re dreading having that conversation. You start to worry because you want to do something, but know it will cause a problem to speak up. Anxiety starts to develop, and you hate the choices you have to make.

Or maybe the conversation isn’t about driving, but about eating. You worry because Mom isn’t eating enough. Or the house is in disrepair. Or something else that you are dreading. Sadly, too many people face this situation every day, and they feel unprepared to have the difficult discussions that require their parents to change their lifestyle.

We understand that adult children need a helping hand to know what to say to parents who need to adjust their lifestyles to the realities of getting older. Maybe the problems with parents are caused by dementia – a debilitating disease that robs the brain of cognition. Sometimes heart disease renders a senior vulnerable to accidents for routine tasks like driving or walking. Maybe another disease, such as diabetes or kidney disease, has caused a senior loved one to be unsafe doing things that used to be routine and easy.

To help adult children prepare for their parents’ transition to senior living realities, Always Best Care of the Midlands offers a seminar called “Conversations With Seniors”, with material provided by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. Nate Rhodes, owner of Always Best Care and himself a Certified Senior Advisor, is qualified to offer this valuable material for people seeking ideas and advice about talking to parents about these kinds of changes.

Conversations With Seniors” provides valuable information. It encourages attendees to plan before the discussion, to ensure that they are prepared when discussing changes with senior loved ones. Then we begin to plan the discussion itself, focusing on techniques that have proven to be effective. People who attend learn what to say and how to say it, and they leave the event prepared to discuss changes with their parents. The seminar is effective and gives confidence to those who need to take action with their seniors.

If you are facing a difficult conversation, or if you are a member of a group who would benefit from learning techniques and advice for having difficult discussions with seniors, we invite you to call Nate Rhodes today at (803) 403 1895, or visit us at www.SeniorCareColumbia.com for more information. Nate provides these seminars at no cost to organizations, and any conversations with Nate about choices for seniors is without cost or obligation. Why not get proven advice before having that conversation with the senior loved on in your life? Call or click today.

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