Going on a Holiday? 7 Tips for Vacationing with Seniors

Today’s seniors are living lives that are much more active and engaged than ever before, especially with the in-home care Columbia SC services that Always Best Care provides, and they are interested in spending their time experiencing the world. In many cases, this means accompanying their adult children on vacations and other types of getaways. While it’s great to know that a senior loved one can share such exciting moments with you, vacationing with an older individual requires some different types of planning.


Before you hit the road with your senior loved one, read these seven tips for vacation success!


Movement and Mobility

Although you might take your ability to move around for granted, seniors need to take some extra precautions. They may be a little slower and a little less steady, but with a bit of planning (and possibly the assistance of a wheelchair or other mobility device), you can make sure they keep up.


The Right Places to Stay

As you plan your vacation, keep in mind the fact that your senior loved one may need some special accommodations. Is the hotel going to be comfortable enough for them? Are there options for rooms with amenities like hand rails and night lights?


Constant Communication

When you’re planning a vacation that you are going to enjoy with an aging loved one, you need to make sure they aren’t kept in the dark. Explain the process, the itinerary and your accommodations, and be sure to take their input into consideration. This will ensure a much nicer getaway for all involved!


What You’re Taking With

Have you discussed what will be necessary to bring along on vacation? What about the items that will not be necessary? This talk is necessary if you’re going to have an enjoyable, well-coordinated time while away from home with Mom or Dad.


Don’t Forget the Meds!

Most seniors rely on medications to help them get the most out of life, but a break in routine (like a vacation) can cause a disruption. Become familiar with your loved one’s medication needs, and be sure to help them when it comes to packing their meds — and taking them properly when you get to your destination.


The Right Clothing for the Occasion

When you fail to pack the right clothes it can lead to tremendous discomfort away from home. Take time to discuss the proper attire for the climate you’ll be visiting, and be sure to let your loved one know what types of formal, casual and/or recreational attire will be needed for the various events on your itinerary.


Get Finances in Order

Who is paying for what while you are on vacation with your senior loved one? This is something that needs to be discussed in some detail before you go. Otherwise, misunderstandings and awkwardness can arise from a lack of understanding regarding how the trip will be paid for.


Additional Assistance for Independent Seniors from ABC Columbia

If you have a senior loved one in your life who is able to go on vacation with you, there’s much to be grateful for! But even the most independent seniors require assistance from time to time. That’s where Always Best Care of Columbia comes in! Call us today at 1 (803) 403-1895 to learn how you can schedule your FREE consultation with one of our experts.