Gerd Muller Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at 69

In light of the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Finlay Park in Columbia, SC on October 24th, I was browsing the news for recent headlines in the ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately I didn’t find news of a miracle drug to save the day. I did find a story about yet another family suffering from the disease just like my own family did and many others will. Gerd Muller, who played for Bayern Munich, and is undoubtedly one of Germany’s greatest football players recently went public with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s at only 69 years old.

As yet another celebrity is diagnosed with this form of dementia, we are reminded that Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t care if you’re famous or anonymous, rich, American, German, black, white or Asian. It is a completely unbiased disease with no regard to one’s socioeconomic status, and more importantly it’s a deadly disease. I also realize how tough it is to ask for a donation right after a thousand year flood has ravaged our city and state, but unlike the torrential rain and rushing waters of the past few days, Alzheimer’s disease will not stop and does not recede in the destruction it wreaks on our brains. As trite as it sounds, even if you have only an extra $5, what you would pay for a latte, a cup of coffee can warm you for about twenty minutes, but giving that same $5 to research Alzheimer’s disease may help you remember what to call that cup of coffee thirty years down the road.


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