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Senior Solutions

At Always Best Care we focus on Senior Solutions. Our two primary services that support the continuum of care are In-Home Care and our Assisted Living Finder & Referral Service.

While Always Best Care does help people stay at home and age in place, we are aware that this isn’t always feasible. Therefore, we also help seniors and their loved ones find the right community when it is a better alternative than staying at home. Our service is paid for by the communities. We do not charge families for this service, ever.
Seniors love our service so much they try to pay us to do it!  But we won't accept their money!
So, you know Always Best Care provides excellent in-home care, but now you know that we can help them and their families find the right retirement home, assisted living or nursing home… that has availability, provides the level of care that they need and fits in their budget… and we do it for free?

How does it help Seniors and their Loved ones?

We help them find a new home! Instead of just providing people with a list of communities or emailing out your contact information to a bunch of facilities, we talk with seniors and their families to find out what they need, what they can afford, where they want to live and what kinds of things they might like in a community. Then we help them find a community that fills that need.

We will pick up the senior and drive them around to visit the communities, and we never pressure them to make a decision before they are ready. We help the Senior by explaining the differences between the communities so that they understand which communities offer the features that they want and need the most.

How does it help Social Workers, Discharge Planners and other Health Care Professionals?

There are times when health care professionals have patients that may want to go home, but it’s just not safe or feasible. Since we work with and know the communities, we can help you more quickly narrow down the options available for your patients. That way you don’t need to call around trying to find communities for your patients. This speeds up the selection process and gives you that additional time you need to focus on other areas of need.

How does it help Assisted Living or Independent Living Communities?

We don’t just send out our clients to every community in town because we don’t want every community in town contacting them. It’s overwhelming to the senior and not part of the service we provide. We provide a concierge level service and we don’t want to waste your time following up on leads that are not properly qualified.

When we call to schedule a tour with your community, you know that we have pre-qualified them and they are appropriate for your community. Instead of a 3% close rate you get with national web-only services, we have a close rate of nearly 70%.

What does it Cost Seniors and their loved ones?

Zip. Zero. Nada. We never charge the families for our placement services.

Call Tyler West at (803) 667-4400 for help finding Assisted Living or Independent Living CommunitiesHow do you refer someone for help finding an Independent Living or Assisted Living Community?

Contact Tyler West at 803-667-4400, or email us at [email protected] or fax it to us at (803) 233-2774.

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