Freesource #3 Free Rx Card for 65% Savings on Prescriptions

Our Free Discount Prescription Card is available for savings of up to 65% for each prescription filled and overall savings of up to 40% annually on your medications.

  • Save Up to 65% Off Prescriptions
  • No Deductibles – No waiting periods
  • No Enrollment – No Membership – No Fees
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Covers Generic and Brand Name Drugs
  • Everyone Qualifies – Unlimited Use
  • Save in over 56,000 Pharmacies Nationwide

Free Rx Saver Card for up to 65% Savings on Prescriptions with No Deductibles No membership No fees No waiting periods No pre-existing condition exclusions
Send me a Free Rx Saver Card from Always Best Care of the MidlandsEasy – Simply click the button below to print out your card OR call the office at (803) 403-1895 and we will bring you or mail you a card. Present the card at any of our participating retail pharmacies (most national chains and many independents) and save up to 65% on all of your brand name and generic prescription drugs and medicine.

No Limits – Use our Discount Prescription Card as often as you like whether you have insurance or not. There are no restrictions and no limits on how many times you may use your free discount prescription card.

Choose the in-home agency who supports the local community. Choose Always Best Care.

Print your Free Rx Saver Card for up to 65% Savings on Prescriptions from Always Best Care Senior Services of the Midlands



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