Freesource #2 Always in Touch

Always In Touch is a free weekday telephone call reassurance program from Always Best Care.

Our volunteers call seniors and disabled adults every weekday and make sure they are OK. If they are not, we contact their emergency contacts.

Get started with Always Best Care of the Midlands free phone call every day to residents in Lexington, Columbia and surrounding areasAlways In Touch is perfect for seniors who don’t yet need caregivers, but occasionally need someone to check on them to make certain all is well. The service may be started and discontinued whenever needed. There is no cost for the daily calls, and users don’t need to be a client of Always Best Care.

What’s the Catch? Nothing.

The local office can simply help you get signed up, by walking you through the process, helping you fill out the paperwork and will not market to those on the program in anyway. It’s just our way of giving back!

We offer Always In Touch as a service to our community. It is not part of a marketing campaign, and we don’t use it to upsell in-home care. There is never a cost for the service, so please consider Always In Touch for your clients who need a daily call but do not need caregivers.
Call the Always Best Care Senior Services of the Midlands local office to get more information on Always in Touch and other Free Services


Choose the in-home agency who supports the local community. Choose Always Best Care.

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