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Freesource #1 from Always Best Care
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Family Caregivers have access to Free Online Training

We know how hard it is to care for a spouse, parent or loved one as they age. And if they have dementia or Alzheimer’s the challenge is even greater. We have heard people ask for resources to help them learn to do basic tasks such as learning to help transfer their loved one from a chair to wheelchair or help them stand from a chair without anyone getting hurt. We know one of the biggest challenges is preventing caregiver burnout. We know that sometimes, family caregivers feel overwhelmed and need a resource to help them get the answers they need.

Go to Always Best Care Family Learning Center NowOne of Always Best Care’s “Freesources” is the Family Learning Center which provides training for family caregivers in the Midlands of South Carolina at no charge. The Family Learning Center helps family caregivers learn to identify the signs of caregiver stress and burnout as well as information on how to be a caregiver. There is also great course material on topics such as how to talk to your loved one about stopping driving, managing aggressive behavior and many other topics designed to make the caregiver role a little easier.

At Always Best Care, we provide senior care wherever it is needed…in the home, in a community or even providing extra care in nursing homes and hospitals.  Senior Care and Assisted Living FInder ServiceWe know that most people want to stay home, but sometimes its better to move to an independent living or assisted living community so we also provide a free service to help you find those communities at no charge to the family. Call (803) 403-1895 to get more information or set up a free consultation.

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