Fall Prevention: Keep Senior Homes Safe

Families with seniors at home face many issues, and fall prevention is a key area of concern. Many seniors are unstable and family members often must stay with them constantly to help maintain a safe environment for their loved ones. Always Best Care of the Midlands understands that elder care providers have many different tasks to accomplish, and creating and maintaining a safe home is one of the most important. The home care providers at Always Best Care of the Midlands serve Richland and Lexington counties, including Columbia, Irmo, and Lexington, and have extensive experience in safeguarding the homes of their clients.

Five Important Fall Prevention Tips

  1. Cleaning up the clutter for fall prevention pays huge benefits. A cluttered house is full of potential hazards, as your elderly loved one could easily trip over items in the floor or have a difficult time reaching over items on the counters. By removing clutter, you can decrease the risk of your elderly loved one sustaining an injury.
  2. Walk the house and address any uneven surfaces in the floor. Whether these surfaces are uneven because of rugs that have curled up at the ends, chipped tiles, or warped wood, they can make it difficult for your elderly loved one to walk. Secure all rug ends and make sure that they are slip-resistant.
  3. One of the most important tips for fall prevention is to keep cords under control. Extension cords, television cords, computer cords, and more can pose a potential hazard. Tidy these cords and, while doing so, check to make sure that they are in proper condition. If the cords are stripped and the wires are exposed they could pose a fire hazard.
  4. Add necessary safety equipment. For example, install grab bars by the toilet and shower and put a non-slip surface in the bathtub. If your elderly loved one is in a wheelchair, make sure that the walkways and door frames are wide enough for them to use. Ramps and other necessary equipment should also be installed to allow your elderly loved one to safely enter and exit the house.
  5. Keep heating and air equipment up to date. Space heaters, if not used properly or if outdated, may become fire hazards. If air filters are not cleaned regularly, the air conditioning may quit working or the air quality in the house may be compromised.

How We Can Help With Fall Prevention

At Always Best Care of the Midlands http://SeniorCareColumbia.com, we know that a safe home is important. Keeping your elderly loved one’s home free of hazards is one of the top priorities of our senior care providers. If you would like more information on how to keep your love ones safe please feel free to contact us at (803) 403-1895. One of our professionally trained staff will be glad to help assess your fall prevention readiness and help create a plan to maximize safety for your loved one.