Does Your Aging Parent Need Help? 4 Signs to Look For

Your parents are the people who have always been there for you. They are the ones who showed you what it means to be strong and independent, and they’ve amazed you with their ability to remain pillars of strength and support over the years. You can truly depend on them. But there comes a time when seniors in the area require some sort of elderly care Columbia SC.


Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine when that time has actually come. Your parents want to remain strong and independent, so it’s up to you to watch out for the signs that they may require some extra help, especially if they choose to live their post-retirement years at home.

If you’ve been wondering how to tell when it’s time to start looking for senior care Columbia SC options, here are some of the telltale signs:


Sign #1 — They Can’t Keep Up With Bills

One of the things we learn from our parents is fiscal responsibility, but when a person advances in age, it becomes increasingly harder to stay on top of bills. If you are noticing more mail and phone calls from creditors when you visit your parent, it might be time to step in and help with finances.


Sign #2 — A Messy Home

Cleanliness and order are things that many of our parents valued and have passed on to younger generations. So when you visit your parent’s home to find that they haven’t been keeping up with the cleaning, it could mean that your loved one requires some additional help. Keeping up with chores around the home is relatively easy for younger people, but it can become a huge undertaking for older individuals, especially those who are limited by weakening bones and muscles or diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Sign #3 — Deteriorating Nutrition

Staying strong and independent means being able to feed oneself and take care of nutritional needs. Seniors take pride in their ability to fend for themselves with healthy, prepared meals, so when the diet shifts to processed foods and an overreliance on snacks, it could mean that it’s time to investigate in-home care Columbia SC options so your loved one has some help in the kitchen.


Sign #4 — Something Doesn’t Smell Right

Hygiene is another aspect of living that our parents taught us about, and they take pride in their ability to maintain excellent standards during their post retirement years. But sometimes the ability to maintain good hygiene becomes too difficult, which can lead to the presence of some unpleasant smells. Taking care of chores like bathing and laundry can be too much for seniors to handle, which might mean that senior caregivers Columbia SC are needed.

Seeing the Signs? Let Always Best Care Help!

Have you been seeing the signs that your parent might require some additional help around the home? Always Best Care can provide much-needed relief and assistance. Call us today at (847) 241-8374 for more information.

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