Difficult Decisions: Tough Choices for Your Family Such as When to Consider Nursing Homes and Independent Living Facilities

Senior care almost always requires family members to make difficult decisions regarding their elderly loved ones, like when to consider nursing homes, power of attorney and how to pay the bills. In fact, many home care professionals encourage families to make such choices before they arise, allowing them to think through their options rationally and avoid the emotionally-charged discussions that nursing homes and the like can evoke. For example when your elderly loved one is healthy, it is easy to promise them that you would never put them in a nursing home; however, as their health deteriorates some promises about nursing homes and other facilities seem difficult to keep. Nursing homes are certainly not the only option for senior care. Always Best Care of the Midlands assists seniors and their families in determining the best ways to make difficult decisions.

Make Sure Your Loved One is Involved with Discussions About Nursing Homes, Power of Attorney and Other Decisions

Senior care professionals know that, for many family members, the main concern is that the decisions which are acted upon are in line with what their elderly loved one would like. Senior care professionals understand that nursing homes and other options are emotionally charged topics. They also realize the emotions that arise when your loved one is concerned that his or her opinion on nursing homes, in-home care and independent living options are not being heard. For this reason, home care providers encourage families to discuss the prospect of nursing homes, in-home care, independent living situations and power of attorney while their loved ones can still be a part of the conversation. Asking elderly individuals how they would like those situations to be handled, and recording their responses, is a great way to prepare for difficult times ahead.

What to Consider When Discussing Nursing Homes, Power of Attorney, Independent Living Facilities and Other Sensitive Topics

Here are some of the questions that you and your family may want to consider before having to make decisions about nursing homes and other issues:

  1. At what point will you call in the services of a home care professional?
  2. Before a home care provider is hired, who will provide assistance to your elderly loved one?
  3. Which family member will hold durable power of attorney and other legal responsibilities?
  4. When will your family consider moving your elderly loved one into an assisted living or nursing home?
  5. If an emergency medical situation results in the need for life support, how long is it to be maintained?
  6. Who will be responsible for managing your elderly loved one’s finances?
  7. How will medical and other bills be paid if your elderly loved one cannot afford them?
  8. If your elderly loved one must leave home but is not to live in an assisted living or nursing home, whose home will they move into?
  9. When is it time to get all of your elderly loved one’s legal documents in order? This includes property deeds, wills, birth certificates, medical records, etc.

Need Help Deciding on Nursing Homes, Independent Living Facilities, or In-Home Care For Your Elderly Loved One?

At Always Best Care of the Midlands, we understand that knowing when your elderly loved one needs care can be confusing and frustrating and we are dedicated to helping you and your loved one find the best care possible. We want to stress that nursing homes are not the only option for senior care. Additionally, you can ensure that the choices your family makes are in line with what your elderly loved one wants. Always Best Care of the Midlands can help seniors by placing caregivers in your home or independent living facility. Additionally, we can help you and your senior select from the best nursing homes, assisted living or independent care facilities, from the dizzying array of nursing homes and independent living facilities available. If you would like more information about senior care, including professional caregivers, for your elderly loved one please contact Charlene Richardson at (803) 603-6935, via email [email protected] or visit our website at http://SeniorCareColumbia.com.