Companion Animals Can Benefit Seniors Who Live Alone

Companion animals can have a positive impact on an older adult’s life. For the individual who feels isolated or depressed because of living alone, a companion animal can make all the difference in the world. A companion animal may be a dog, bird, rabbit, cat or other small domestic animal.

At Always Best Care, we understand the benefit of having a companion animal. In our experience of providing senior care in Columbia SC, we have seen the joy a companion animal can bring to a senior’s home and life.

Pets can become like family to seniors who live a long distance away from other family members. When a companion animal is calm and relaxed, that disposition has a positive influence on the animal’s owner. For example, observing fish swim in an aquarium can have a soothing effect on an older adult. The soft purr of a cat can a promote a feeling of well-being.

Having a pet to love and care for can reduce stress. When stress is kept to a minimum, the conditions aggravated by stress, such as blood sugar spikes in diabetics, may occur less often. The simple act of brushing or petting an animal can help an older adult feel secure.

Seniors sometimes need help to maintain the health of a companion animal. A healthy pet needs the proper nourishment and exercise. Fortunately, this is never an issue for someone with the advantage of a home care worker.

When providing elderly care in Columbia SC a caregiver from Always Best Care can help a senior with his or her furry companion.

If you need home care, now is the time to contact Always Best Care. Not only will they take care of you or your family member, but also our caregivers can help seniors care for the companion animals that can enrich their lives. If the companion is a dog, an in home caregiver might accompany the senior and dog on daily walks. The caregiver can also observe whether an animal is appropriate for the senior and assist with tasks such as making sure the pet has food and water.

When considering in home care Columbia SC families often seek Always Best Care Senior Care. For the best in home care, contact Charlene Rhodes today at 803-403-1895 or email [email protected]. There is no obligation and we will answer all of your questions about in home care for you or your senior loved one.

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