Columbia Seniors Staying Youthful With Yoga

When it comes to senior care Columbia SC, physical fitness is a crucial component, but yoga has largely been the domain of a younger group of folks. That’s all changing, though, and older individuals are discovering yoga as a fantastic way to get exercise, strengthen the body and feel younger, too!

Yoga has many benefits for its practitioners, but in terms of elderly care Columbia SC, there are a lot of questions as to its effectiveness. Is it safe for older individuals? Is it truly a legitimate alternative for seniors who may be searching for alternatives to other forms of exercise that they can no longer participate in?


Let’s explore some of the reasons why yoga is catching on and how it can benefit those who receive in-home care Columbia SC!


Staying Injury and Pain Free

One of the main concerns among senior caregivers Columbia SC is the fact that many popular forms of exercise lead to stress, strain and injury all too often. Seniors in the area love to get out and stay active, but their bodies are not always able to meet the challenges of a traditionally active lifestyle.

Yoga is a great alternative to traditional forms of exercise because it’s specifically designed to work the body without putting undue stress upon it. For seniors, it could be the perfect low-impact exercise option.


Stronger, Healthier Bones through Yoga

Forms of exercise such as jogging and walking are great for most healthy individuals, but for seniors, they can lead to stress and strain, particularly on the bones. Yoga doesn’t require so much impact on the bones, though, making it safe for older people who may be worried about brittle bones or conditions like osteoporosis.

FACT: Studies show that regular yoga can help seniors build bone mass and density over time!


Increased Physical and Mental Flexibility

Rigid, inflexible bones and joints are the culprit many times when exercise injuries happen to seniors. Yoga, however, is all about increasing flexibility — physically and mentally, which can reduce the chance of injury significantly.

Yoga helps regulate breathing and mood, plus it’s most often performed in quiet, relaxed settings, which is terrific for seniors who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Tension eases throughout the body, making yoga practitioners much more flexible in their day-to-day lives.


Is Yoga an Exercise Option for the Senior in Your Life?

Yoga might not seem like the most appealing activity for a lot of seniors who prefer tradition and their familiar means of exercise, but the benefits are amazingly positive across the board. You might have a tough time convincing your loved one that it’s worth their time and energy, but by presenting the facts about its many benefits, you may be able to introduce them to a practice that will enhance their lives in huge ways. If you’re caring for a senior loved one, it’s definitely worth a try!


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