Client Snapshot: July 2012

by Charlene Richardson, Director of Client Services
Recently, one of our clients, we’ll call him Mr. Smith for confidentiality reasons, celebrated a huge success. At 80 years old, he had been very independent until he was hospitalized from a fall which broke his hip. He came home from the Rehab facility wheelchair bound, very weak, frail and very confused . Eight weeks later, he is walking with a walker, coherent, speaking clearly, and able to manage most activities independently. He credits our assistance during his ordeal with helping him succeed.How did we help?

  • By coordinating with Home Health and his family physician to make sure their instructions were followed and he was progressing as he should
  • By making sure he took his medicines on time and refills were picked up as needed
  • By encouraging him and assisting him as he did his exercises as prescribed by his physical therapist
  • By keeping his children, who lived out of state, informed and involved
  • By suggesting ways to prevent falls and implementing safety features such as bed rails
  • By having our caregivers and care coordinator attend doctor’s visits to share information about his day to day progress and make sure doctor’s instructions were understood and fully followed

His family doctor said, “I couldn’t believe it when he walked in here after the shape he was in when he came out of rehab.” The doctor agreed that he has shown significant improvement and as a result we have been able to dial back the care he needs as his health continues to improve.

Most people want to return home as soon as possible and Mr. Smith was no exception. Once he left the institutional environment and returned home, he began to improve dramatically. He reached a milestone when he was once again able to walk up and down stairs after eight weeks of hard work, some medication adjustments, physical therapy and care from Always Best of the Midlands who was with him every step of the way to his recovery.

We are proud to serve people like Mr. Smith and celebrate his success! If you know someone who needs in-home care and could use the extra touch of a care coordinator, please contact Charlene Richardson via email to [email protected] or call us at (803) 403 1895