Characteristics of a Good Caregiver

Characteristics of a Good Caregiver

Providing care to an elderly loved one is a very important task. From helping with daily activities to offering companionship, an in-home caregiver is a wonderful way to keep your senior happy and healthy without detracting from their independence. The elder caregiver professionals at Always Best Care of the Midlands and Richland and Lexington counties, including Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, and surrounding areas, are confident that home care is the best way to help your elderly loved one enjoy their golden years while retaining as active a lifestyle as possible.

Many family members who care for elderly loved ones may find that they are struggling with the care they are expected to supply. Many families realize that providing home care is something that can quickly become overwhelming. Providing around the clock care for someone who is completely dependent can become emotionally and physically stressful for anyone.

Some people have personality characteristics that make it easier for them to handle the stress. Here are some of the most common characteristics that contribute to successful caregiving:

  • Positive Attitude: Senior care is a wonderful responsibility, but it is almost certain that caregivers will be faced with emotional and physical hurdles. Depression and a feeling of isolation, on behalf of both elderly individuals and their primary family caregivers, are not uncommon. A positive attitude helps many caregivers push through difficulties with a smile—which is truly appreciated by the seniors that they serve. Respite services by engaging a professional caregiver like those at Always Best Care of the Midlands can help the family maintain a positive attitude.
  • Patience: Working with anyone can try one’s patience; however, providing care to an elderly individual who may face physical, mental, or emotional challenges can be particularly difficult. A patient caregiver is necessary to offer the compassionate, kind care that all seniors deserve. If the family finds they are running low on patience, they often find that hiring a professional to deliver care part or all of the time gives them a break so that they can be more patient when they are caring for or just spending time with their elderly loved one.
  • Compassion: Seniors who benefit from home care do not want pity. Likewise, they do not want a caregiver who ignores their emotional needs. Compassionate care is the best form of care, as it allows elderly individuals to understand that their caregiver recognizes their challenges but is bent on helping them overcome any obstacles. Exhausted family members may find that years of caring for a family member or a family history of conflict can make it difficult to be as compassionate as they would like to be. Again, this is a good time to look at bringing in a care professional to help.

Of course, many other traits contribute to a great caregiver. No two people are alike, and caregivers of different personality types and backgrounds are able to provide the utmost in quality senior care services. These traits are simply among the most common in successful caregivers.

Even the most patient, compassionate and positive people usually find that a respite from caregiving to take care of themselves helps them deliver the best care for their elderly loved ones. In addition to the extensive testing, background checks and reference checks we do when we hire a professional care giver on our staff, we look for caregivers who have a positive attitude, are patient, kind and compassionate.

Always Best Care of the Midlands ( understands that senior care services can be difficult for family members to provide. Both emotionally and physically, it can become overwhelming to see your loved one age. As such, its elder care professionals such as ourselves are valuable resources. If you would like more information about our professional in-home care providers please contact Charlene Richardson at (803) 603-6935, via email [email protected], visit our website at or check us out on facebook at