Caregivers Know the Importance of a Routine

A caregiver should schedule a daily routine that elderly individuals can count on. This schedule prepares them for the activities of the day, from when they wake up to when they go to sleep. Many seniors appreciate knowing what to expect from each day, as it allows them to prepare for events and activities in a comfortable and well-established environment. The senior care professionals at Always Best Care of the Midlands in South Carolina, understand that not everyone relishes in a routine; however, the experience of home care professionals indicates that for a caregiver, following a routine is one of the ways we can help keep seniors comfortable and minimize confusion while aging in place.

What Are the Benefits of a Solid Routine to Seniors and the Caregiver?

  • Stability: A stable environment is one in which many elderly individuals are comfortable can be created by a professional caregiver. Your elderly loved one may enjoy the stability that the routine followed by their caregiver will provide. With a set schedule, seniors do not have to worry about lots of surprises.
  • Reduced Stress: A routine alleviates stress that can build up over the course of the day—for both the senior and the caregiver. Changes to the schedule, or a lack of a schedule, can be met with resistance towards their caregiver resulting in a high stress situation. Unfortunately, such a situation can produce emotional, mental, and even physical damages for elderly individuals. With a routine in place, this stress can be limited.
  • Comfortable Environment: Seniors who suffer from memory loss often feel disoriented or anxious. These feelings can be magnified by a lack of structure in their daily lives. A set routine carried out by their caregiver will help elderly individuals feel more settled. Although memory loss cannot be cured or reversed, it is much easier with which to cope in a comfortable environment.

As a Caregiver, Make Sure to Include Input from Your Loved One

Setting a routine for your elderly loved one is a great way to keep them feeling stable and secure; however, remember to allow your senior to retain some control over their life. As a caregiver, your responsibility is to assist your loved one in living, not to make all of their decisions for them if they are capable of doing so themselves. Make sure that you let them make decisions within the routine, such as where to eat and what to do during their free time, which will allow them to retain a bit of independence.

How Can A Professional Caregiver Assist You in Looking After Your Loved One and Establishing a Schedule?

At Always Best Care of the Midlands, we understand the need for a regular schedule. We are flexible and offer care from as few as 2 hour shifts to as many as 24 hour shifts to help establish and or maintain the schedule that your loved one is accustomed to. If you would like more information about senior care, including professional caregivers, for your elderly loved one please contact Charlene Richardson at (803) 603-6935, via email to [email protected] or visit our website at