Caregiver Training Success Story

Recently, Always Best Care trained its caregivers on treatment of patients who had been hospitalized for pneumonia, heart attack, and congestive heart failure. We conducted this training as part of the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, a nationwide initiative by ABC to help hospitals avoid readmission of patients having these three conditions. Most of our caregivers participated in this optional training program and passed certification testing to ensure their knowledge of the correct treatment of these serious conditions.

One of our caregivers completed the training and passed the courses, then when she arrived at her client the next day, found her in distress. Our client was complaining of shortness of breath and moderate pain in her arm and shoulder. Our caregiver quickly identified these as symptoms of congestive heart failure. The client was unaware that her condition was severe, and the caregiver persuaded her to go to the hospital. Sure enough, the caregiver was correct, the client was admitted to the hospital, and she was treated for congestive heart failure. She spent 4 days in the hospital.

At Always Best Care, we’re proud of our caregivers and the effort they undertake to build up their skills and knowledge for helping our clients. We’re especially proud of our caregiver who was able to provide valuable assistance to a client in need and help her get the treatment she required. At Always Best Care, we take our name seriously. Call us at (803) 403 1895 or visit us at to learn more about our compassionate care for your senior loved ones.