Bridge the Generation Gap — 6 Great Activities for Seniors and Kids

Our region of the country is not only beautiful, but it’s filled with plenty of things for people of all ages to do. The Richland county park system provides numerous recreational opportunities, and there are always things to do indoors when the rains arrive. Of course, it’s always more enjoyable to take part in activities with a friend or a loved one, and for many aging individuals in our area, that means spending time with grandchildren and other youngsters.

Are you running out of activities for a senior loved one? Are you in charge of activity time for a parent and a child?

Here are some wonderful activities that seniors and kids can enjoy together!

Fun in the Kitchen

Perhaps the only thing better than enjoying a tasty meal or delicious dessert is preparing it. Cooking and baking are terrific activities that seniors and children can share. Cooking is also a wonderful way for seniors to pass their wisdom on to the new generation, ensuring that many excellent memories are made!

Get Crafty!

Arts and crafts activities are somehow becoming increasingly popular in our high-tech world, which is great news for seniors who want to connect with younger loved ones without interfacing with technology. Kids, however, can look at Pinterest or perform a web search for countless great ideas.

Spending Time Outdoors

No matter a person’s age or abilities, getting outside to spend time in the sun and fresh air is almost always rejuvenating. Walks, picnics and other activities in Columbia’s many parks provide seniors and kids with plenty of reasons to get out of the house.

Game Time!

Everyone loves to play a game, whether it’s just for fun or to engage in some good-natured competition. Seniors and kids can share laughs as they bond over their favorite board games, or the grandkids can teach Grandma or Grandpa how to play the latest smartphone sensation!

Making Music

The language of music truly knows no age, which is why it’s so helpful in creating a dialogue between seniors and their younger loved ones. From quiet duets at the piano to rocking jam sessions, there are a lot of possibilities when kids and seniors can share their musical talents together.

Enjoy Family Photos and Videos

Kids are naturally curious, and seniors love sharing memories by leafing through photo albums or playing videos of past get togethers and holiday gatherings. It’s the perfect combination for bonding between generations.

Always Best Care of the Midlands Is Here For You!

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