Better Caregiver Scheduling Leads To Better Service

The two biggest concerns about in-home care for seniors are reliability and continuity of care. Reliability means that caregivers will show up and be thorough when they are supposed to for their shifts. Continuity of care means the person who comes to the home to deliver care services is familiar and well-known, and is not a stranger. It is obviously advantageous for both the care recipient and the agency to staff each shift with the right caregiver to ensure a good match so that reliability and continuity can be achieved.

Different care recipients have different needs. Some want conversation, and some want solitude. Some want attention to detail, and others want creativity. Likewise, caregivers are all unique and different. Some like to talk, and some prefer to quietly go about their tasks. Obviously, if an agency does not match the right caregiver to the right care recipient, it can lead to dissatisfaction with the in-home care and possible reassignment of caregiving staff.

Wouldn’t it be great if an agency had a profile of all of its clients, and of its caregivers, and could match them on key compatibility attributes? Furthermore, what if the agency had the provision to provide coaching and advice to the caregiver to help ensure that areas of concern can be addressed if the match isn’t 100%? Well, guess what? Always Best Care of the Midlands does!

At ABC, we profile all of our caregivers and measure their caregiving personality characteristics on nine (9) different aspects. We also have profiles for care recipients that identify the needs and wants of a senior concerning caregiver mindset and personality. Our system then matches up best fit selections from the caregiver workforce for the seniors. The result is a better fit for a better experience.

What’s more, our system doesn’t stop there. Once we match the ideal caregiver to the client, we generate a list of focus areas for the caregiver to help ensure that the caregiver knows what is important to the care recipient when delivering in-home care. Any areas that are slightly incompatible are highlighted with a yellow flag so that the caregiver can focus on understanding the needs of the client. This leads to a better assignment of resources, a better prepared caregiver, and a better in-home care service experience.

Always Best Care of the Midlands is committed to providing the very best care available for Midlands area seniors. We’ve recently added this powerful new tool to our arsenal that will help us find the ideal caregiver for each one of our clients. To learn more, or to generate your own profile, please call Nate Rhodes at (803) 403 1895 or visit us on the web at At Always Best Care, we take our name seriously. Call today to find out what that means.

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