Assistance for Seniors Who Need Better Sleep

We all need sleep to survive, but for seniors, getting the proper amount — and quality — of sleep is absolutely crucial. Sadly, seniors don’t always get the sleep they require to live happy, healthy lives. And when a lack of good sleep extends through weeks, months and even years, it can lead to health problems, costly medical expenses and many other issues.

If you are a family member involved in the care of an aging loved one, you might be concerned about a lack of sleep. Some of the signs to look for include:

  • Irritability, often when it’s uncalled for
  • Extended periods of confusion
  • Decreases in feelings of emotional well being
  • Diminished responses from the immune system
  • Increases in symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • A diminished sense of equilibrium and balance, which can be especially dangerous!

When seniors don’t get enough sleep, it’s something you absolutely cannot ignore if you want to provide the best possible senior care Columbia SC. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to provide the help seniors need to get good sleep!

Sleep and Great In-Home Care Columbia SC — Five Essential Tips

Tip #1 — The Right Type of Preparation

Getting a restful night of sleep in an assisted living Columbia SC scenario or in any other circumstance requires the proper preparation. Does your loved one have a routine that helps them get to bed at night? Does that routine require adjustment? You can step in and make tweaks and changes to ensure that the routine and preparation really works for ensuring that a good night’s sleep is experienced. A regular, nightly bedtime can come in quite handy here.

Tip #2 — Is That Nap Really Needed?

The classic afternoon nap is something that many seniors would rather not do without, but you need to determine if it’s really working. It might be cutting into the time that would otherwise be spent getting good, restorative sleep overnight, when it really counts. Assess the nap situation and see if any changes might improve the ability to sleep through the night.

Tip #3 — The Right Environment for Sleep

A nice, deep sleep is easier to come by when the space for sleeping is set up for comfort, quiet and relaxation. Take a look at your senior loved one’s bedroom and see if you can notice anything that might be improved to make for a better sleeping space.


  • Is the bed supportive and comfortable?
  • Is the room clean and uncluttered?
  • What about the level and quality of light?

All of these things factor into a senior’s ability to sleep well.

Tip #4 — Reconsider Alcoholic Beverages at Night

For many seniors, a nightly drink is part of the routine of relaxation and unwinding. Unfortunately, the presence of alcohol in the nightly routine is something that could be contributing to nights of less-than-ideal sleep. If good sleep has been hard to achieve, it might be a useful idea to have your loved one cut back or eliminate the nightly adult beverage.

Tip #5 — A Nice, Warm Bath Can Work Wonders

Another consideration for your senior’s nightly routine is the addition of a pleasant, warm bath. Baths soothe senior bodies, and they can help older individuals “wind down” and ease into a restful night of sleep.

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