Why Seniors in Pittsburgh Should Consider Always Best Care Senior Services

Why Seniors in Pittsburgh Should Consider Always Best Care Senior Services

For far too long, senior care was somewhat monolithic. Aside from maybe the very rich, senior care was really only meant for seniors who needed a high level of care. Seniors with serious mobility issues or who maybe had trouble feeding themselves would get some care, but for seniors who struggled –but managed, barely– to complete basic tasks were left to their own devices. What’s more, almost all of this care had to take place in a senior care facility, likely a nursing home. Services such as the ones that Always Best Care of Fox Chapel provides just weren’t widely available.

Senior Services Today

Thankfully, those days described above are now gone. Senior care has changed a great deal in the past 30 years or so. Now, seniors in Pennsylvania, and across much of the United States, can get the services that are tailor-made for them. Beyond that, senior services are much more accessible than they were before. Senior services have diversified to better serve the diverse demographic that is the seniors of America today, and to meet their various needs. These services are also much more accessible now, both in-home and in care communities.

Assisted Living

While nursing homes might have been the default setting for senior care back in the day, this is no longer true. There are now several assisted living communities in the Pittsburgh area. Assisted living communities are senior care facilities that are designed to provide just the right amount of care to their residents. Assisted living tries to strike a balance between providing care and allowing seniors to manage their own lives, unlike nursing homes which are just for seniors who need high levels of care, and retirement communities which typically don’t have a healthcare component to them at all.

However, choosing the right assisted living community for you can be tricky. That’s where Always Best Care senior services come in. Always Best Care will consult with you in your home and assess what your needs and concerns are. Then we can refer you to the assisted living community or communities near Pittsburgh are best for you and your needs.

In-Home Care

Another Always Best Care senior service is in-home care. Actually, it can be one of three services. In-home care sees all the care that a senior could receive in an assisted living community provided for them in their own homes. In-home care is a great fit for seniors who would prefer not to leave their homes. It is also, often, less expensive than moving to an assisted living community.

Always Best Care Divides Senior In-Home Care Services into three Categories:

companionship services, home helper services, and personal care services. Companionship services focus on helping seniors to maintain and improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. Home helper services help seniors maintain their homes. Personal care services help seniors take care of themselves and can include help with eating, going to the bathroom, and getting in and out of bed, etc.

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