How to Sell Your Parents on Senior Care

How to Sell Your Parents on Senior Care in Fox Chapel

There are a lot of seniors who live in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania who could benefit from senior care. And yet, many of these seniors dislike the idea of receiving care. It seems counterintuitive. Why would somebody resist something that could benefit them? Well, it’s either because they are unconvinced it can benefit them or they think it comes with too big a sacrifice. What can you do if you’re the adult child or loved one of such a senior? How can you sell your parents on senior care?

Aging in Place

Imagine being independent and taking care of yourself, as well as perhaps having raised some children, for five, six, or seven decades. And now imagine being told that you are unable to take care of yourself any longer. That can be a hard pill to swallow.As a result, many seniors refuse to accept their diminished abilities. They continue to try to perform tasks that are difficult and even dangerous from them. Tasks such as going up the basement stairs with a big basket of laundry or going to the grocery store and carrying all the shopping. The children of seniors often see this problem as easily fixable by hiring a healthcare agency to provide homemaker services to help their parents manage their home. However, for a senior it could be symbolically very important. And discouraging.

Independence for Seniors

There are several great assisted living communities in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. These communities provide an excellent balance between the care they provide and allowing seniors to manage their own lives to whatever degree is practical. Unfortunately, assisted living is a non-starter for many seniors. The very thought of giving up their homes is abhorrent to some seniors. So how can you help them if you’re their child or a loved one?

We all want to help our elderly parents as much as we can, but there’s a limit on what we can do. When children attempt to provide all the help theirelderly parents need on their own, nobody is going to fair well. Think about it. Can you really manage all of your parents’ laundry, as well as vacuuming their house once a week, as well as reminding them to take their medication, as well as helping them get in and out of bed every day, as well as anything else that comes up?

Even if both you and your parents live in Pittsburgh, there’s just no way you can be your parent’s caregiver in addition to all of your own responsibilities in life. Lastly, are you a professional care giver? Probably not. There are many things that professional, bonded, and skills-tested caregivers can do better than you can. That’s why you should consider arranging senior home care for your parents.

Senior Home Care in Fox Chapel, PA

Always Best Care of Fox Chapel is happy to provide senior home care to seniors living in and around Pittsburgh. Senior home care consists of a caregiver providing seniors with the care and assistance they need to live safely and healthily, all within the comfort of their own homes.

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