Yoga Enhances Home Care Services for Seniors

Perhaps your parent or other senior requires assistance with daily tasks to continue living in his or her own home in the community. You are fortunate in that Always Best Care (ABC) provides excellent in home care Jenkintown PA residents can easily access. The range of services from companionship and home help to personal care and assisted living referrals take care of most of the needs of your aging loved one to best ensure they can remain safely at home.

However, you know it’s important for your senior family member to stay as active and fit as possible. You may be concerned that the scope of activities and outings is narrowing and it is all too easy for your parent to become lethargic. Eventually, he or she may not have the energy to remain independent even with professional help.

Don’t despair! There is an answer waiting for you at your local community center or yoga studio. Yoga for seniors is gentle, yet energizing. The purposeful poses and slow, deliberate movements require a focus that strengthens the connection between body and mind. The reward is an enhanced sense of personal wellbeing.

Yes, there are some strange names attached to the various poses and positions, but once your senior moves past the tendency to laugh about it, he or she will appreciate the long lasting positive effects. A few examples of poses and benefits include:
• Tree improves balance, which is important for fall prevention
• Low Lunge releases and relaxes the body through stretching and intentional breathing
• Legs Up the Wall releases muscle strain, helping with circulation
• Extended Puppy releases and extends the spine
• Warrior II stretches through the hips and thighs to improve bone health and strengthen the lower body

Naturally, some seniors are concerned that yoga is too complicated and foreign for them and that it is only for younger people. Assure your loved one that yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years by people of all sizes, shapes and ages. All the poses they will learn can be modified to suit anyone with arthritis, chronic muscle and other physical conditions.

Whether or not your parent is already using Always Best Care for elderly care in Jenkintown, you can contact the local ABC owner, Mitchell Balaban, to discuss any questions you have about home care services that are available. Mitchell is well connected to community resources and knows what activities, such as yoga classes, might complement ABC services to enrich your parent’s life even further.

For a free consultation about senior care Jenkintown PA services, or options anywhere in Montgomery County, call Mitchell today at (215) 914-5055 or email [email protected]

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