Stay Home and Enjoy Life in Jenkintown

The historic borough of Jenkintown is ranked as the number 1 Philadelphia suburb for retirement, which may explain why almost 25% of its population are over 65. These retirees are busy making the most of the town’s wealth of social and cultural activities, and obviously want to stay and enjoy these amenities for as long as possible. If you are responsible for senior care in Jenkintown PA, you may be looking at the possibility of moving your loved one to an assisted living facility, but it may be worth asking yourself whether he or she would be happier with aging in place instead. The caring companions at Always Best Care can help.

Staying Put

Aging in place is the arrangement by which senior citizens stay in their own homes for as long as they want to, rather than moving to a nursing home or other facility. Adaptations can be made to the home as required, to make it safe and comfortable for them as they grow older and their needs change. If you are providing elderly care in Jenkintown, and have always assumed that your relative would be safer and better cared for by moving to a residential facility in due course, it would be worth weighing up the benefits that he or she could gain by staying put instead.

Top Benefits

One of the top benefits, of course, is independence — older people really value being able to make even small decisions for themselves, like what and when to eat, what to watch on TV, when to go out and for how long, and when to go to bed, and losing the ability to make these decisions can often lead to severe depression. Staying at home means they can keep their personal possessions, which are so precious to them, and it often breaks their heart to have to get rid of so much when they move to assisted living. It also helps them to keep in contact with friends and family, as visiting someone in their own home is so much easier than visiting a facility, and pet owners can keep their pets, which bring immense benefits in themselves.

Help is at Hand

Of course, aging in place may require some additional assistance, but this costs far less than residential care. Always Best Care is here for exactly that purpose — to enable your loved one to remain independent for as long as he or she desires. With the help of our expert non-medical in-home care Jenkintown PA residents can continue to enjoy the town’s fantastic amenities and vibrant social scene. To find out more, just get in touch with Mitchell Balaban at [email protected], or call (215) 914-5055 and schedule a consultation today.

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