Sleeping Soundly in the Keystone State

One of the best reasons to sleep well at night is that fabulous feeling of freshness and well-being the following morning, particularly during your senior years. Now, clinicians have established that constant, good-quality sleep carries many health benefits. The conviction of medical experts is that lack of sleep is a likely cause of illnesses like depression, mental confusion and a lowered immune system. Certain lucky people seem to sleep well all the time, no matter what the circumstances. If you are not of that number, you can take steps to plan for night after night of quality sleep.

First, expect to get a good night’s rest. Do not leave this to chance; this expectation will cause you to inspect your sleeping environment. If need be, change the location of your bedroom. Check the quality of your bed and the condition of your mattress. Throw old and worn bedding away and treat yourself to nice sheets, pillows and a great cover. Remember that the bedroom is for sleeping in and distractions may include pictures, wall hangings or a television set.

Second, check your diet. Foods consumed late at night or even during the day may affect how you are sleeping. Diet does include alcohol consumption and although certain drinks, like wine, may cause sleepiness, consumption over a long period can lead to physiological changes that may result in insomnia.

Third, stay active during the day. The more you work the mind and body, the more rest it requires at night. If these measures fail to result in your desired level of sleep, consult your medical practitioner. A minor physical problem, a course of medication or even an unchallenged emotional issue can result in insomnia, Whatever happens, do not lie awake suffering. A senior caregiver can help you with any of the steps you need to take to ensure you’re getting adequate sleep.

Rest Peacefully with Senior Care Jenkintown PA

At your age, you deserve the best of everything and this extends to getting the finest sleep possible, every night. The Always Better Care team members have much experience addressing issues like insomnia. Once in our care, we will assist you with your environmental checklist, helping you to make any changes you require in your home. Because of our expertise in home care Jenkintown PA residents are aware of how we deal with these problems. We may, for example, find that you need a little extra social support and help identify the service that is right for you. Above all, the ABC caregiver will listen as you talk about your life, the good times and whatever challenges you still face.

Don’t lose any more sleep; call Mitchell Balaban at (215) 914-5055 to learn more about the finest elderly care in Jenkintown PA.

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