Seniors Hike into a Healthy Retirement

If your parents retired in or around Jenkintown PA, they will be joining many other seniors who enjoy the vibrant arts and culture scene in this beautiful borough on the outskirts of Philadelphia. There is a full calendar of events throughout the year that attract many visitors. From plays at the Hiway Theater to the pie-baking tournament, there is always something to anticipate.

As your parents settle into their retirement home, try to make sure they include exercise in their new routine.  After all, they want to be healthy and fit enough to live independently for a long time. Regular exercise is the message delivered by all the agencies such as Always Best Care (ABC) that provide elderly care in Jenkintown.

Even if your parents have been active physically all their lives, they might want to consider a different regimen in their senior years. Golfing and swimming are great exercise but often mean booking times and spending money. If they are interested in something inexpensive with plenty of flexibility for time and location, there is an easy solution. Walking or hiking is one of the best exercises for their overall health.

You can use the American Heart Association to reinforce your discussion with your loved ones about making walking part of their daily routine, at least three or four hours a week. Not only will they simply feel better about themselves, the research shows benefits such as:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease and osteoporosis
  • Improved blood sugar readings
  • Easier weight control

As your parents begin to explore their new community, they will see that it is easy to plan interesting walks and hikes. One day might be a walk through town to enjoy its historic architecture, including the Jenkins Town Lyceum Building and the Art Deco style Strawbridge and Clothier Store. Another day, they could take a short drive to Wyncote for a brisk hike around the 45 acres of the Curtis Arboretum

Even though they are your parents and there is a little role reversal involved, do remind them to walk or hike safely, packing water bottles, dressing in layers and wearing comfortable, supportive footwear. If they reach the point they really should not be out on their own, they will appreciate the company of one of the Always Best Care trained staff providing quality senior care in Jenkintown PA.

For discussion about all the options available for non-medical in home care Jenkintown PA professionals provide from the ABC office, contact Mitchell Balaban at (215) 914-5055 or [email protected]. Mitchell will be pleased to arrange a free consultation with you and your parents at your convenience.


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