Music – the Best Medicine for Jenkintown Seniors

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Music has several benefits for the mind, body and soul

One of the most historic boroughs in Montgomery County, Jenkintown PA has been identified as the #1 Philadelphia suburb to retire to — and obviously many people agree, since nearly 25% of the population are over 65. Among the attractions for retired folk, apart from the high number of doctors per capita, is the thriving arts and entertainment scene, which is especially significant in view of the growing awareness of the importance of music in the lives of older people. If you are providing senior care in Jenkintown PA, you may only now be starting to realize the extent to which music can help promote better mental and physical health for an elderly person.

Music Fills the Gap

Of course, over 65s can vary widely in health, with many being extremely fit and active, but the loss of working life can leave many seniors looking for new interests and social connections. Music can fill this gap in all sorts of ways — if still physically active, a senior can join a dancing class, which is both fantastic exercise and a great social activity, and can also attend concerts, such as the summer concert series held every year at the Abington Arts Center. For someone who is less active, or who is housebound, recorded or digital music can be of huge benefit in preventing boredom or loneliness, enhancing mood, and reducing stress — you could even get hold of a karaoke machine, so your loved one can sing along to his or her favorite songs.

Measurable Effects

The benefits of music for seniors are more than just psychological. Recent studies have shown that music has real, measurable effects on the brain, triggering increased release of feel-good chemicals like adrenalin and serotonin, which is why music can often be particularly helpful for people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia — music can get through to them where other forms of communication cannot. Those involved with elderly care in Jenkintown find that music can help improve speech and movement in someone who has suffered a stroke, while people with impaired hearing can often hear and enjoy music when they can’t hear much else.

Better than Medicine

The really amazing thing is that music can often be more effective than medical intervention, and music therapy can be prescribed by a doctor under Medicare. If you can’t find a professional music therapist, with the help of qualified non-medical in-home care Jenkintown PA residents can find plenty of ways to bring music into the home.

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