Key to Deciding on Home Care Services for Your Parents

One of the most difficult times in your relationship with your parents is in later years, when they are failing physically and sometimes, even mentally. As there are increasing concerns about their ability to continue to live in their own home, it is time for you to assess the reality of the situation and explore options to support independent living. Before you start contacting the Always Best Care services for senior care in Jenkintown PA, make sure you have the kind of info that will help them quickly determine what services are most appropriate.


If you visit your parents regularly, it will be easy for you to be alert to their day-to-day living situation. If you live far away and see them only occasionally, you might want to have a chat with someone who does visit them at least weekly. Although some of the following information can be collected by phone or video calls, it is always best to do so in person:


  • Groceries and Meals

Are the fridge and cupboards well stocked with healthy food? Does at least one of your parents’ manage to cook regular proper meals for them?

  • Cleaning

Is the house dusted and vacuumed with clean floors, countertops and bathroom? Are the dishes and cutlery washed properly before being put away? Remember clutter such as stacks of books and magazines can still be clean. You are looking for dirt which can become a health issue, or clutter buildup that can be a tripping hazard.

  • Personal Hygiene

The checklist for hygiene is basic: clean body, clothes and teeth, and well-groomed hair with no dirt and no unpleasant odors about their person. Even if two people are living together, it is possible for one to have neglected hygiene and the other not to notice.

  • Medication

Check to be sure that any meds are being taken regularly. For example, if they are not dispensed in a blister pack, look for dispensing dates and the number of pills still in the bottles.

  • Financial Affairs

Make sure there is no unopened mail, which could include utility and tax bills, bank statements and requests from financial advisers for instructions.


If there are concerns about some of the above situations, you might want to involve your parents in a discussion about the kind of reliable in home care Jenkintown PA residents can access. Chances are they will know someone who uses the many services provided by Always Best Care professionals, from home helper to companionship and personal care support. Connect with Mitchell Balaban, the local owner of ABC services for elderly care in Jenkintown at 215.914.5055 [email protected] to find out how your senior loved one can access services to allow him or her to continue to maintain a quality lifestyle while aging in place.


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