How Singing Therapy Is Miraculously Transforming Senior Companionship Care

Non-medical companionship senior care in Jenkintown PA services are important to helping seniors live their best lives as they age. We are dedicated to the same here at Always Best Care, and endeavor to be (as our name suggests) the absolute best here in Montgomery county. Recently, a study by researchers from the George Washington University found that singing as a specific form of music performance was highly beneficial to participants physically and mentally. Such benefits included improved communication skills (thanks to greater enunciation and projection), improved memory (reversing the memory loss effect of Alzheimer’s), reduced anxiety, and elevated moods thanks to a significant increase in one’s feel good factor, among other benefits. For those who cannot get out easily, a companion caregiver from a company like Always Best Care can help ensure no one misses out on this opportunity.

Below we take a closer look at some of the wonderful benefits that seniors can enjoy from individual and group singing therapy sessions.

Three Ways Seniors Can Benefit from Singing Therapy Elderly Care Jenkintown Services

1. Increase their self-confidence

Self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves will determine how we interact with life and the world around us. The greater our self-confidence and feelings of wellness, the more we are likely to manage our daily lives well. Singing therapy in seniors increases seniors’ feelings of emotional wellness and overall well-being and confidence. As such, it helps them to better handle the changes that come with aging.

2. Improve physical health

Some of the physical benefits of participating in a regular singing therapy session for seniors include improved eyesight, breathing, and posture. This improvement in seniors’ physical state, coupled with the emotion benefits and feelings of well-being, are likely to result in increasingly fewer hospital trips for seniors.

3. Socializing more

Socializing regularly is often times one of the challenges of senior life. With group singing therapy sessions, this can change. Seniors participating in group singing can enjoy socializing regularly with others in a meaningful way, while moving toward greater health. Of course, meaningful socialization is likely to add to those good feelings and sense of self confidence.

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