Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Feel More Included

If you’re not that aware of the dangers that are posed by dementia, then don’t feel alone. Many don’t understand this complicated medical condition and what can be done about it. While there is no cure right now for dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are plenty of ways that you can help your senior who’s receiving in-home care in Jenkintown to feel more included in daily activities. This is important because those seniors with dementia often report feeling excluded or lonely because of their condition. Read down below to get the best strategies you can use to help your loved ones feel less isolated and more included.

Whenever there are family gatherings going on, think of all of the ways that you can make your senior feel more included in them. First of all, make sure that they know there is a gathering going on, so that they can look forward to this date on their calendar. Secondly, try to give your senior small tasks to do to get ready for the gathering. These hands-on activities give your senior something to do to take their mind off of their condition.

In addition to those special family gatherings, you can organize a couple of family events every week or so. These could be anything from small dinners with close family members or a game night with family and friends. Your loved one is going to feel much more included with events like these.

Make sure to speak with your senior on a daily basis to ensure they are not feeling too lonely. You can go over to their house on a regular basis to just hold some conversation with him or her. Now, you might get frustrated every now and again when he or she can’t remember some important points, but this conversation will help their minds stay active and keep depression at bay.

Be sure to understand the symptoms and warning signs of depression, speaking of that. Depression and anxiety are very common when it comes to seniors with depression, so if your senior is facing this, then be sure to get a medical professional involved. Having depression is only going to make your senior feel even more lonely and secluded than they might already feel.

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