Great Senior Trips from Jenkintown PA

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Take a trip you and your loved one will cherish for a lifetime

Jenkintown is a great place for seniors, having been voted the number 1 Philadelphia suburb for retirement. Retired folk have a great life here, with a wealth of amenities, a great cultural scene and plenty of social activities, but even with so much going on, seniors nowadays often find staying put isn’t enough — they want the vacation fun the younger generations are enjoying. And why not? If you are involved with senior care in Jenkintown PA, maybe it hasn’t occurred to you what a boost you could give to your loved ones by taking them on vacation with you.

Extra Planning

In fact, nowadays it’s easier than ever for seniors to travel — the travel industry wants their business, and airlines and hotels are increasingly adapting their offerings to ensure most special needs are accommodated. However, you want to be sure everyone enjoys the vacation, and a successful trip will require a little extra planning. Even for able-bodied seniors, there are additional factors to take into account.

Easy Flying

The first consideration of course is where you actually go — while younger people may think nothing of a long-haul flight, it will be more stressful for an older person, so try to keep the flight down to a few hours at most. If your loved one has a physical disability, some airlines, like Southwest, allow you to select options — such as assistance to and from the gate, or assistance to and from the aircraft seat — at the time of booking. Remember that if there is assistance to and from the seat, the senior will have to remain on board till everyone else has disembarked.

Medical Matters

Medication is another factor — it needs to be in carry-on bags, not checked bags, clearly identified for security purposes, and it’s advisable to take an extra week’s supply to allow for travel delays. If a senior has a hip or knee replacement, or a pacemaker or other device, it can be a good idea to have a doctor’s note for security screening. Those involved in elderly care in Jenkintown can get detailed advice from caregivers, or from doctor’s offices.

A Great Trip

Of course, accommodation is important — even if your loved one doesn’t need a fully accessible room, it will be helpful for the room to be near the elevator, and for the hotel itself to be close to amenities. Above all, do keep loved ones involved in the planning, so that they feel it really is their vacation. With support from in-home care Jenkintown PA residents can find all the advice they need to ensure a great trip, and Always Best Care is there to help — call Mitchell Balaban on (215) 914-5055, or email [email protected] today.

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