Exploring Exciting Volunteer Opportunities In 2017

2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year for many of us. Whether it has been personally or around the world, many of us are definitely looking for a restart in 2017. We may be making resolutions about anything from eating healthier to getting more exercise to spending more time with our families. However, have you thought about making a resolution that’s less about you and more about those around you in your community? There are plenty of people out there who are less fortunate than us and could really use the extra assistance. This New Years, try to make a resolution to explore some new volunteering opportunities in 2017 and pay it forward in your local community. And if you’re a senior receiving in-home care in Jenkintown PA, there are tons of opportunities for you to engage with your local community, no matter what it is. Read on to discover some of the top volunteering opportunities in your area.

  • Stop by the Jenkintown Library to see how you can volunteer with this great public library in 2017. Many libraries always need some kind of volunteers to help with anything from restocking the books to manning the circulation desk. Every library has different needs, but will definitely be able to help you find some work. Plus, what could be better than helping out such a great institution as a public library? And you’ll be able to rent out some new books to read after your volunteering work is done for the day.
  • Next up, stop by the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania or Project H.O.M.E. to see about volunteering in the coming months. These homeless shelters are constantly in need of more hands to help out because of the huge homeless population in Jenkintown and the rest of Philadelphia. They’re usually understaffed and overwhelmed, especially right after the New Year when the weather is coldest. You can help clean up around the facilities or staff some of the special holiday events they hold. No matter what, you will be making a huge difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in your community.
  • You can also check out how to help at the local soup kitchen or food pantry in Jenkintown. Head over to the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and they will definitely put you to work serving or packaging food for those facing food insecurity.
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