Eat Well and Enjoy Life in Jenkintown PA

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Rich in antioxidants, protein and key nutrients; Oats & Berries are perfect for breakfast!

Life for seniors is good in Jenkintown, which has been identified as the best Philadelphia suburb to retire to, thanks to its high level of senior friendly amenities. Of course, to be able to enjoy this good life, for everyone, but for seniors in particular, it’s essential to eat the right food. If you are responsible for senior care in Jenkintown PA, there is a lot you can do to ensure your older family member eats well and remains healthy.

The Challenge

There are several reasons why eating well might be a challenge for an older person. For starters, our nutritional needs change as we get older and changes take place in our body make-up, but the older person may not realize this. Our smell and taste buds become less sensitive, so food becomes less attractive, and if a senior is living alone, it may not seem worth the effort of preparing meals.

However, adequate nutrition is essential, as it is necessary for resistance to illness, maintaining energy levels, and even for mental alertness, so the challenge is to find meal options that are quick and simple to prepare, and are also attractive and tasty. When seniors can prepare these for themselves, they can maintain the feeling of independence while still getting the right food. If you are providing elderly care in Jenkintown, you should be able to introduce these to your loved one gradually, so that he or she always has a choice of appetizing meals.

Power Breakfast

A senior should always be encouraged to eat breakfast, as this really powers up the day. Wholegrain cereals such as oats are very satisfying, as well as quick and easy, and combined with fruit and yogurt make a perfect start. An alternative for someone with a poor appetite is a fruit smoothie — just put a selection of fruits in a blender with yogurt and milk.

Nourishing and Satisfying

For lunch the focus can be on the all-important vegetables. A bean salad — beans with cucumber, tomato and onions — is easy to fix, and the protein in the beans can be supplemented with tuna or chopped egg. For the main meal, a slow cooker is an ideal piece of equipment — your relative just has to put in a favorite piece of meat and a selection of vegetables early in the day, and by dinner time a nourishing and satisfying meal will be ready.

There are plenty of other simple meal suggestions for seniors, but remember they must be tasty, attractive and enjoyable, or your loved one may not be inspired to eat them. If you are stuck for ideas, Always Best Care, which provides the best senior care Jenkintown PA has to offer, is available for expert advice as well as to offer companion caregivers that can assist your senior and help him or her make the best of those golden years. Just contact Mitchell Balaban by phone at (215) 914-5055, or by email at [email protected].

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