5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for seniors

Regardless of age, every individual enjoys the magic of music. Though, seniors in particular could benefit significantly from listening to or playing music, as the rhythm and melody eases mental strain and lightens a person’s mood making everyday living more comfortable.  Seniors receiving elderly care in Jenkintown, PA should be encouraged to integrate music into their daily lives due to the following benefits.

Increases positivity

Listening to music has been proven to increase self – esteem and boost confidence. And this is true for both younger children and older adults. It may also inspire the elderly to get moving and socialize more often as their emotions become more positive. A visit to the Old York Road Symphony could be the perfect outing to raise a senior’s mood.

Keeps the brain healthy

Listening to or playing music is equal to giving your brain a workout, as it ensures mental agility and enhanced memory. The outcome of increased mental alertness is a significant stall against Alzheimer’s and dementia, which in affect leads to a better quality of life. Seniors seeking to socialize through music are always welcome to play an instrument or sit in as the Jenkintown Community band rehearses!

Improves sleep patterns

Seniors that regularly listen to soothing music before bed, have a much more comfortable sleep – which leads to an improvement in their daytime activities. Caregivers are encouraged to take their elderly loved ones to the Jenkintown Music Theatre in the evenings, to help them feel eased whilst listening to some magnificent live music.

Boosts your immune system

Listening to music regularly can even help seniors increase the levels of Immunoglobin A, which is an anti-body that reduces the spread of diseases and bacteria. Caregivers can help seniors maintain a healthy body & mind, just by enjoying music daily. Another annual music event to enjoy is the Jenkintown Summer Concerts that are free to enjoy and take place every Tuesday.

Brings back positive past memories.

Care providers should use music to increase positive emotions, and allow seniors to re-live memories from their past by listening to favourite beats and rhythms. As the elderly are nostalgic about the past, this is a positive method of allowing them to rejoice in past events. The Jenkintown Festival of the Arts is great place for the elderly to enjoy the company of locals and remember the good old times.

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