The Amazing Benefits of Music’s Charms for Bethlehem Seniors

Music has special charm that everyone appreciates, and seniors are just as amenable as anyone to music’s positive influence. Often lost in their own thoughts, seniors can become disconnected socially, physically and emotionally, but that doesn’t have to be true. Retirement can offer truly golden years for artistic pursuits and personal development. If you have a loved one who’s growing older and less active, music therapy can keep Mom or Dad feeling younger and more connected. That’s one of many reasons why it’s important to get a companion to help with the assisted living Bethlehem PA seniors may need. These professionals can ensure that seniors enjoy music, practice playing an instrument, listen to music on headphones or even get out to live concerts at the ArtsQuest Center, Sands Bethlehem Event Center or nearby Miller Symphony Hall in Allentown.

senior care bethlehemThe top benefits of music for seniors include:

#1 — Encouraging Social Conversations

Some seniors retreat into their thoughts to safeguard their emotions, which can turn negative due to loss of physical abilities, fewer connections with friends, changes in lifestyle and an inability to get out of the house as often as they’d like. Music provides a common subject to encourage conversation, and the Lehigh Valley area’s history of cutting-edge music and proximity to New York City ensures lively conversations about all types of music.

#2 — Getting Essential Physical Activity and Exercise
Seniors who don’t get enough exercise or physical activity are encouraged to move to the music. Well-loved songs and instrumentals can get seniors clapping, tapping their feet and even dancing, which promotes better coordination and endurance. Music also encourages seniors in exercise sessions so that they exercise more regularly for longer periods. Companions can encourage both exercise and music appreciation

#3 — Relieving Negative Thoughts and Behaviors
Music can shift negative thinking patterns and foster a more positive outlook. Listening to music, even if only briefly each day, encourages optimism and productive activities. Music can relieve boredom, stimulate conversation and keep seniors engaged with living by encouraging exercise, communications and a positive determination to enjoy life.

#4 — Easing the Symptoms and Confusion of Alzheimer’s
Elderly Alzheimer’s patients can lose many skills including the power of speech. These seniors can become agitated and stressed without explaining why, but music can calm frayed nerves, ease confrontational behavior and help seniors relax. Some patients who don’t speak even hum or sing when hearing favorite songs.

#5 — Enhancing Cognitive Skills
Listening regularly to music helps seniors hold onto memories and process thoughts. Music therapy encourages positive responses from seniors suffering from various ailments when used daily by the home companions who provide elderly care Bethlehem PA senior citizens rely on so they can remain healthy and active and in their own homes when possible.

In Home Care Bethlehem PA Companions
The Bethlehem area of the Lehigh abounds with resources for senior citizens and a rich variety of musical venues for seniors who can get out and about with help from a home companion. The best senior care Bethlehem PA residents rely on results when people live in their own homes and receive empathetic, professional and compassionate attention from Always Best Care’s qualified home companions. Call the Bethlehem office at (484) 896-8867 for a Free Care Consultation. Vanessa Taylor will be happy to talk about the office’s excellent caregivers who can bring a little music into seniors’ lives.

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